New Equipment Sales

Whilst our name may not immediately allude to it for some, but B.C. Rentals are Dealers, Service and Parts Centres for the world’s leading brand equipment manufacturers and as members of the Rental Associations of Canada, America and Europe, we are able to provide highly competitive pricing and offer truly global sourcing.

Our role as Dealer combined with that of a Rental Company means that price advantage can be passed on to our customers.

When purchasing new equipment,  consideration should be given to choosing a supplier who will provide all after sales service and support without hesitation - an assurance given by B.C. Rentals at all times.

Price becomes the sole weapon in competition only when all other aspects are considered equal.

The next time that you require to purchase any item of equipment, from consumables and portable power tools to heavy equipment, you owe it to yourself to call B.C. Rentals.