Environmental Stewardship

In striving to further develop our role as an environmentally responsible service provider, B.C. Rentals adopted a number of initiatives across all departments within our organisation including:

• Equipment and Vehicle emissions reduction – B.C. Rentals had already initiated a no idling policy for all company vehicles a number of years ahead of government legislation and in addition, sought to install catalytic convertors and scrubbers together with replacement using higher tier rating power sources.

• Hybrid Equipment and Electric types, particularly within the Aerial Work Platform sectors.

• Waste materials separation, recycling and disposal systems

• Environmentally friendly cleaning materials and systems.

• Preference given to selecting suppliers whom promote “Green Policy” products.

• Electronic Invoicing- the benefit of which makes for interesting reading, in that, -- an average of 50,000 invoices produced per year consumes seven trees and produces two tons of Carbon Dioxide in CO2 footprint.

Whilst our efforts in these areas may at first glance appear insignificant when compared to the larger scale, B.C. Rentals take pride in the fact that we are making a conscious effort to protect and preserve our environment.