Company Profile

BC RENTALS - A brief introduction

When B.C. Rentals commenced operations some fifty years earlier, the Province of British Columbia and Western Canada were already global leaders within the primary industries.

The very nature of these markets demanded total quality of service from their supporting partners.

From portable firefighting pumping equipment to protect our forests where in many cases the equipment had to flown out to remote areas by Bush Pilots, to providing specialized hydraulic lifting systems and equipment to the Lumber and Pulp Industries to ensure uninterrupted production of their vital economic component, B.C. Rentals performed the task without hesitation.

Specialized Industrial and Construction Equipment also assisted with development of the Province’s roads, bridges, railway networks and other Civil infrastructure as well as Industrial, Commercial and residential construction.

Moving forward, today, our range of equipment and services has grown to fully match and exceed the demands of today’s Construction and industrial Market Sectors.